What We Do


  • To promote solidarity among people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • To promote family and parents work efforts
  • To promote education and good health
  • To promote the different aspects of intercultural and educational development
  • To hold campaigns concerning resources which will be a great deal more beneficial in the future
  • To commit to a better future and a more sustainable society


1st women’s meeting “Talk Together”

  • Workshop – Your Health, Your Rights Part I
  • Women struggles between career and family
  • Trips to the beekeeper
  • Intercultural family outings
  • Back To School
  • Your Health, Your Rights Part II
  • Voluntary networking between local associates

2.KOMM-AN NRW 2019

  • Münsterstrasse Festival of the Integration Council of the City of Dortmund
  • My Dortmund-political-social-historical, “A trip to the Dortmund town hall”
  • Food connects people and cultures
  • Networking

3. GAP health education work

  • Your health, Your faith, HIV prevention in African parishes “
  • Your Health, Your Faith – HIV Prevention In African Church Communities “

4. IMAGE district work in Dorstfeld, Scharnhorst

  • Democracy Festival Love diversity, (Dorstfeld)
  • 7 countries 7 courses (Scharnhorst)
  • 5. Developmental and educational work

    • Made by Me – Upcycling for young people by Community at Heart Dortmund e.V.